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Fendley Benefits

940 N. Switzer Canyon Dr. #202
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

P: 928-779-4107 ext. 12

F: 928-774-5504

Email: brad@fendleybenefits.com

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Employee benefits are an essential tool for attracting and retaining quality staff. As a “hidden paycheck” they can represent up to 40% of a compensation package. Of course, benefits only serve you if their value is obvious to employees- and if the cost makes financial sense.

This is where you face a growing challenge, whether you are a company owner or an HR executive. Benefit costs are rising and coverage is shrinking, while plans become increasing complex to administer. No one can change the realties, but with the right help you can dramatically improve your outcomes.

What you need is a trusted advisor who will partner with you to get the very best from your benefit situation. That’s Fendley Benefits, Northern Arizona’s premium benefit consultants.

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